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Intermediate User's Guide to Microsoft Word
Notes about Additions / Modifications to the Microsoft Word Legal Users' Guide

Note from Attorney Charles Kenyon, webmaster, supplementor. 

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This guide was copied from the Microsoft website with some supplementations that I hope you will find useful. The title of the guide on the Microsoft site is Microsoft Word Legal Users' Guide. This supplemented copy was originally created for three reasons:

  1. To make sure that I and those I referred to it could find the guide. My bookmarks to Microsoft web pages have a tendency to turn into "page not found" errors over time. As of this writing, the link to the original guide is: http://officeupdate.microsoft.com/legal/
    Each chapter has a link to the original chapter at the end for your convenience.
  2. To add links and references and make it (marginally) more useful.
  3. To supplement the notes on corrupted documents. 

Since then, I have made a number of additions to the guide and retitled it to Microsoft Word Intermediate User's Guide. The renaming was done to reflect the broader scope of this work than law offices. No text in the original guide has been changed or deleted. I have added things. I hope that it is still of use to those trying to generate legal documents, and think that I have made it more useful.

My additions of hyperlinks to text is not marked in any way as a modification. Addition of written (or web) resources and cross-references to other chapters are not marked as additions in the text. These are not marked because doing so would unduly detract from the readability without especially helping you. The original chapters have very few links, if you see one, assume that it was added by me rather than by the original authors.

I have given up on tracking the changes I've made. I am currently working (while practicing law) on additional chapters on fields, forms and boilerplate. When they are at least coherent, they will be included in the table of contents and navigation bars. They are on the web site for purposes of referring to other resources. They are not in Word format and won't be put in Word format until they are much more complete.

Charles Kenyon
Attorney at Law

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Copyright, Copy Restrictions, Copy Permissions

Copyright (c) 2000 Microsoft Corporation to the contents of the original Legal Users' Guide to Microsoft Word. Copied with express permission of Microsoft Corporation.

Copyright 2000 to portions of the chapter on Confidentiality as set forth on that page.

Copyright (c) 2000, 2001, 2007-2013 to all additions and modifications, Charles Kyle Kenyon, Madison, Wisconsin. All rights reserved.

Although these revisions/modifications are subject to my own copyright claims as well as those of the original authors and Microsoft, you have permission to copy all or part of this (except for the chapter on confidentiality). Except for the chapter on Confidentiality, the supplemented guide can be freely distributed subject to Microsoft's terms and conditions as set forth on their website. Those so distributing it may want to keep the links that are here. You are also welcome to go directly to the Microsoft website for the legal guide without my modifications.

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