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More on Headers and Footers

Spacing problem

I write a lot of two to four page reports. I would like to have a header on the first page of these documents which shows the name of my one-person company, the address, and the telephone number.

I can create a header, but it always prints beginning 1 inch from the top of the page. This is the case even though when I am creating the header I set the top margin at .2 inches from the top.

Is there a way to set the header to print beginning at .2" from the top, with the subsequent pages all printing starting at 1" from the top?


Are you using the Header area?

File Page Setup Margins (tab)

Set your Top margin for where you want the text to start on subsequent pages. Then set the Header margin for .2" and use 

View Header and Footer

to get into the header pane, where you can type your header text.

Note that this text will repeat on every page if you insert it into the default Header. So before you type, click the Page Setup button on the Header/Footer toolbar and choose "Different first page." You'll then be in the First Page Header, where you can type the header information you want to appear just on the first page.

(above was posted in a newsgroup by an author who wishes to remain anonymous)

Updating fields in headers and footers using VBA.

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More on Headers and Footers

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