Argentine Tango Instruction Videos

New Orleans - Planet Tango

Street shoes may not be used during tango lessons. Stocking feet acceptable.

    These are some of the videos produced for a class in New Orleans by Planet Tango. The entire series is available on disks from Planet Tango. Note, at least one work by this couple is subtitled "Confessions of a Reformed Step Collector." I strongly agree with their philosophy that Argentine Tango is about the connection and the embrace. Steps are simply a combination of basic moves. If your connection and embrace are working, these combinations will flow naturally in your dance. If not you will only be able to dance them with a partner with whom you've practiced them. It is with some trepidation that I share these links.

Beginners, concentrate on your embrace and your walk. From my point of view a beginner is someone who has not participated in more than 20 milongas or been dancing Argentine tango for less than a year. Someone with less than this experience may be a terrific dancer, just not a terrific Argentine tango dancer. Someone with more experience than this may be ready for more.


    Tools for Improvisation - note, this is not for beginners.

        A series of four-week programs - each session starts by setting up a sequence and then working on variations.



Beginning & Intermediate - Introducing Fundamental Concepts

Triple Barrida - Advanced

Tango in a Tent - Includes translation of lyrics of song Al Compas de un Tango by Ricardo Tanturi

Keep Going Around Until We Stop - from Planet Tango - turns with displacement - analysis and demonstration of giros and ochos


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