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Our Green Bay Yackers Toastmasters Club has been meeting regularly for more than forty years (although none of our current members go back quite that far). We meet from 6:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of most months. We meet at the Days Inn, 405 Washington Street, in Green Bay. (Next to the Port Plaza Mall). 

Visitors are welcome and no invitation is needed. Dress at our Toastmasters club ranges from casual to business dress. Members giving prepared speeches will dress to suit their speech topic. This is not a dinner meeting although a snack may be served.

Anyone interested in Toastmasters is encouraged to attend as a visitor. ... encouraged to attend as many meetings as they like as a visitor. When you join our club we want you to be sure that you will be comfortable (or at least comfortably uncomfortable) with our group. If you would like to meet with someone before the meeting please contact our President, Joseph Bagneski . He or another member would be happy to meet you ahead of the meeting so that you are not walking in alone. (Note, this is not required and you are welcome to just drop in on impulse.)

A typical meeting follows a standard format:

  • A short business session (which gives members a chance to practice parliamentary procedure).
  • A Table Topics session, giving members the opportunity to participate in impromptu speech situations.
  • Prepared speeches, based on projects from the Communication and Leadership manuals, from several of the Club members.
  • An evaluation session, during which each speaker is provided with valuable feedback regarding the strengths of the speech, and provided with information that will assist the speaker in problem areas.
  • A critique of the evaluations, and of the meeting as a whole, by a general evaluator.

Besides speaking, each member has the opportunity to serve as Toastmaster, Topicmaster, Evaluator, General Evaluator, etc. Opportunities to fill these meeting functions are rotated among members to provide a variety of experience. All roles (including speaking) are voluntary and while members are encourages to experience all Toastmasters has to offer, each progresses at his/her own pace.

At the close of the meeting visitors are invited to share their impressions. Doing so is not required but we thrive on feedback!

Please remember that although you will be asked if you would like to join Toastmasters when you attend as a visitor, we encourage people to visit as many meetings as they want to make sure that our club and Toastmasters will fit in with their goals and life plans. Visitors are never pressured to join and we would be happy to see you come back many times as a visitor if that is what you need. We welcome new members because their participation expands all of our opportunities to learn.

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