Green Bay Yackers Toastmasters Club
Typical Meeting

Here are some activities and "functionaries" that you will encounter in a typical Green Bay Yackers Toastmasters meeting.*

Call To Order at 6:15 PM (2nd & 4th Mondays)
Master Host, welcomes people and asks everyone to introduce himself / herself, and answer some general question such as "What was the best thing you have done so far this summer?" Then the Master Host introduces the . . .
President, presides over short business meeting, reports of officers, and introduces Toastmaster of meeting. When you are the Toastmaster...
The Toastmaster introduces
other people performing functions during the meeting including the grammarian who gives us a . . .
Word of the Day
Grammarian introduces a word and description, using it in a sentence to help build our vocabularies. People with speaking opportunities during the meeting are encouraged to use the Word of the Day in what they say. When you are the grammarian...
Table Topics
Table Topics Master asks attendees (generally those without speaking assignments and guests) to respond to a different question or statement. The subject is of a general nature requiring an opinion of your own, not any specialized knowledge. The participant responds for one to two minutes, getting the opportunity to hone extemporaneous (off-the-cuff) speaking skills. A typical Table Topics question might be something such as "If you could declare a new holiday, what would that day be called and what would it honor?"

Note: Nobody, member or guest, is forced or coerced into speaking at Table Topics. If you would rather not get up and speak, it's no big deal. However, Table Topics  is an opportunity to help you get used to addressing a group and thinking on your feet. Unlike those giving prepared speeches, people responding to table topics are never expected to know what they are talking about! Like politicians at a press conference, they may answer questions that weren't asked while ignoring the one that was asked. Members will be called on to respond to Table Topics. Guests may be asked if they wish to volunteer.

The number of table topic questions ranges from three to ten, depending on what else is scheduled for that meeting.
Prepared Speeches
Three members present prepared speeches from one of the Toastmasters speech manuals. The speech is of any topic of the speaker's choosing, but is made to keep within the objectives of the manual speech. Some speech objectives are to use body language and to inspire the audience. There is a basic Communication and Leadership manual, which guides the new Toastmaster in basic speech skills. Advanced manuals include Storytelling, Entertaining, Public Relations and Technical Speeches. Members advance through the manuals at their own speeds, with guidance from their mentors and the club's Vice President of Education.
The General Evaluator presides over this portion of the meeting. Speech Evaluators supplement their personal written evaluation with a public oral evaluation of the speeches, noting what the speakers did well and giving ideas for improvement, allowing all attending to learn how to improve their speaking skills.
The Grammarian presents an evaluation of grammar during the meeting. "Ah-s, Um-s and Er-s" (hesitations in speech) are noted, as are poor grammatical constuctions and, even, superlative uses of the language. The Grammarian also reports on who spoke and used the word of the day when speaking.
The Timer reports on the times for various sections of the meeting and speech lengths. (Speeches have a target length, as do all parts of a Toastmasters meeting.)
The General Evaluator evaluates the meeting as a whole.
The Toastmaster, Table Topics Master, and General Evaluator present awards to the best Table Topics speaker, best Evaluator and best Speaker. These awards are based on ballots submitted by everyone in attendance (including guests). Control of the meeting is returned to the club president for 
Closing Comments
The President may remind people of upcoming events and will ask visitors if they have any comments.

The meeting is over by 8:15 P.M.

* We do vary from this meeting format from time to time, especially for our Humorous Speech Contest and (Serious) International Speech Contest. We are quite serious, though about getting the meeting over by 8:15 p.m.

When you are the Toastmaster! - Planner!

When you are the Grammarian - Duties - Tally Sheet

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