Green Bay Yackers Toastmasters Club
When you are the Grammarian...

The Grammarian functions as a part of the meeting's evaluation team. It is a great opportunity to learn the names of your fellow toastmasters and to refresh your own knowledge of grammar.

Duties of the Grammarian

  • Choose a Word of the Day. 
  • Note word or phrases, which may not be grammatically correct.
  • Highlight inappropriate words or phrases.
  • Identify words used with the wrong meaning or in the wrong context.
  • Highlight exceptional word usage and phrasing.


  • Choose a Word of the Day. The Grammarian introduces the word of the day and its definition, using it in a sentence to help build our vocabularies. It is important that the grammarian learn to pronounce the word and practice the pronunciation prior to the meeting. If possible, pick a word that ties in with the theme for the meeting. People with speaking opportunities during the meeting are encouraged to use the Word of the Day in what they say. The grammarian can use the tally sheet (below) to track use of the Word of the day by speakers.
  • Print the Word of the Day on a Sign for display during the meeting.
  • Obtain copy of agenda
  • Obtain copy of member list
  • Take note of visiting Toastmasters.
  • Obtain Grammarian Tally Sheet (below)

During the Meeting

  • Present and Post the Word of the Day. Introduce and post the word of the day and its definition, using it in a sentence. Additional things to give: its correct pronunciation if necessary, its definition and origin, synonyms and antonyms.
  • Explain the duties of the Grammarian.
  • Track use of Word of the Day and grammar use/abuse during the meeting. You are a part of the evaluation team and will be called on for a brief report during the evaluation portion of the meeting.

Brief Report

  • Which members who had speaking opportunities used the Word of the Day?
  • Ums ... Aahs ... Fillers
  • Grammar usage

You can download a tally sheet in Microsoft Word format as well.

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